GeriEM Symposium & SIG meeting during EuGMS conference 2021

We are glad to announce that during the annual conference of the EuGMS to be held in Athens and online October 11-13th 2021 there will be two events by the Special Interest Group on Geriatric Emergency Medicine.

geriEM SIG meeting

  • Tuesday October 12th from 9.00am to 10.30am CEST
  • Everybody interested is invited to join thought the conference portal
  • During this meeting the GeriEM Posters will be presented

geriEM Symposium: Making impact in Geriatric Emergency Medicine across Europe: launch a series of guidelines

  • The symposium is available on demand & online for conference delegates

1. The why, how and what of European guidelines on Geriatric Emergency Medicine
Simon Mooijaart, The Netherlands
2. European guideline on Geriatric Emergency Medicine – Age and frailty adjusted risk stratification
Bas de Groot, The Netherlands
3. Official launch of the series of guidelines: next steps to create impact across Europe
Stephen Lim, UK

We look forward to seeing you!

Geriatric Emergency Medicine track during ICEM Mexico June 2018

During the International Conference on Emergency Medicine 2018 in Mexico City (June 6th – 9th), the European Task Force on geriEM will actively  contribute to the Geriatric Emergency Medicine track:

Wednesday June 6th (Room 4, 14:00 hrs)

  • Potentially Inappropriate Medications in Geriatric Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department and the Role of Clinicians (Sushen Sun, USA)
  • Trauma in the Older Adult: when everything is life or death (Alejandro Moya, Costa Rica)
  • Depression in Older ED Patients: What it looks like and how to find it (Ian Sammy, UK)
  • Frailty in the ED (Diana N. Lemus Galván, Mexico)
  • The 10 commandments of Geriatric Emergency Medicine (Christian Nickel, Switzerland; Simon Mooijaart, the Netherlands; Jacinta Lucke, the Netherlands; European Task Force GeriEM)

Thursday June 7th (Room 4, 14.15 hrs)

  • Developing International Standards for the Care of Older People in Emergency Departments (Brittany Ellis, Canada; Don Melady, Canada; Simon Mooijaart, the Netherlands, European Task Force geriEM)
  • Moving Towards Integrated Emergency Care – First Steps (Judy Lowthian, Australia; Peter Cameron, Australia)
  • Addressing the Challenge of Appropriate Triage Prioritization in Older ED Patients (Micheal Bullard, Canada)
  • Implementation of a Geriatric EM curriculum for year sixth medical students in Thailand (Jiraporn Sri-On, Thailand)
  • Accrediting Geriatric EDs: Launching the accreditation system (Kevin Biese, USA; Chris Carpenter, USA; Don Melady, Canada)